meadowhip is the slinky new solo project of singer/songwriter/poet Cara Walkam – one half of Wollongong indie pop duo, Territories.

Influenced by artists like Solange, Tame Impala, Blondie, Erykah Badu and Frank Ocean, meadowhip fuses introspective, impatient and irreverent lyrics with pop melodies and elements of psychedelic soul, alt-R&B and jazz.

meadowhip is an exploration of self and society from Cara’s perspective.  As she puts it, “I’m here to discuss the big three – capitalism, patriarchy, and myself.”

The first single from meadowhip is Unexceptional – a light-hearted eye-roll at your average, oblivious white dude, this song is an homage to 90s R&B with an Australian indie attitude. Sarcastic lyrics and pop hooks are soaked in wonky keys, jangly guitars, layered 70s drum breaks and modern R&B textures.  (You know that guy at the office with a swagger and questionable competence? Unexceptional is like Mac DeMarco and Gwen Stefani got together and wrote a song about him.). Co-written and produced by Chelsea Warner, and mixed by Michael Freeman (Half Past Nine by Carla Wehbe, I (Motsi) by Shungudzo, Heavy Part. 1 by Cxloe).

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